Lightweight Aluminium Red Rollator

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Lightweight Aluminium Red Rollator

The Drive R8 aluminium rollator is lightweight four-wheeled mobility product designed to assist those struggling to walk. Providing support to areas of your body that may need it, it can help you to get around with far less stress or pain.

Unlike the R6 model which is more suited for indoor and home use, the Drive R8 aluminium rollator is perfect for outdoors. The design is slightly larger and thicker to provide extra stability when it's being used on paths or streets, as well as having the standard under-seat bag where you can store shopping or valuables. The rollator also has additional safety features like anatomic handles and arthritic-friendly loop cable brakes that provide you with even greater safely, allowing you to instantly stop if required.

However, despite being the bigger model, the Drive R8 rollator is still very light. It weighs only 7g so it is easily transportable - especially with curved flip-up back rest that allows for simple storage.

Full specifications:

Brochure: Drive R8 Lightweight Rollator User Manual (PDF)
Height (cm): 83
Product Weight (Kg): 7
Length (cm): 64
Width (cm): 64
Weight Capacity (St.): 19
Seat: Yes
Seat Height (cm): 56

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