High Quality Rollator Trionic Veloped Sport Walker

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High Quality Rollator Trionic Veloped Sport Walker

While most rollators only allow users to walk on flat and smooth terrain, the Veloped Sport walker is built for those who are slightly more adventurous. The difference between the Veloped Sport and other rollators is like the difference between a push bike and a mountain bike. It allows you to easily navigate difficult terrain like grass, walking paths, exercise trails and forest land, all the while providing the necessary support to areas of your body that would usually hinder mobility.

The innovative Veloped Sport walker is able to achieve all this by having large wheels which allow users to overcome obstacles up to 13cm in height. The all-terrain suspension also provides extra safety when navigating rough terrain. Plus, the rollator provides excellent support to the user with a solid handle bar (which also serves as a backrest for the seat), motion brakes, parking brakes and reflectors for safety in the dark.

The simple two-step fold mechanism makes it easy to transport and it comes with a water-repellent seat with a basket for carrying your valuables wherever you wish to roam.

Height (cm): 75-95
Product Weight (Kg): 12.5
Length (cm): 102
Width (cm): 76
Weight Capacity (St.): 23
Seat: Yes
Seat Height (cm): 58

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