Heavy Duty Blue Rollator

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Heavy Duty Blue Rollator

Rollators provide support for people with mobility problems so they can get around, both indoors and outdoors, with far greater ease. This heavy duty brand of rollator, which comes in a metallic blue style, does so with comfort and convenience.

The heavy duty rollator comes with a lightweight 9.5kg aluminium frame. It is also designed with ergonomic 32-37 inch handlebars to manuever the rollator, including loop brakes and handgrips that are perfect for those suffering from arthritis. The heavy duty rollator is also fitted with 200mm solid tyres which make it steady and secure on outdoor surfaces.

When you take the heavy duty rollator with you the product also features a 22 inch high seat with a backrest and includes a basket as standard. This allows you to stop and take a rest when it's necessary, and carry your personal belongings with you wherever you may go. A simple folding mechanism also makes it simple to take the rollator on public transport or in a car.


Height (cm): 81 - 94
Product Weight (Kg): 9.5
Length (cm): 69
Width (cm): 71
Weight Capacity (St.): 27
Seat: Yes
Seat Height (cm): 56

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