Diamond Deluxe Red Rollator

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Diamond Deluxe Red Rollator

Many people who struggle with limited mobility will be unsure about which product is best suited to their needs - a rollator or a wheelchair. The stylish Diamond Deluxe Rollator aims to make this decision much easier by combining the features of both into an innovative, multi-functional and top-of-the-range item.

The Diamond Deluxe Rollator has all of the major features a rollator would have. Its ergonomic and arthritic friendly height adjustable handles allow the product to support you when you are walking. However, the device also comes with a comfortable mesh seat and adjustable foot rests. This lets the rollator also function as a transport wheelchair which can be propelled by an attendant.

The rollator is easily foldable should you wish to take it with you in a car, on public transport or simply store it out of the way when you are at home. It also comes with a carry bag where you can safely store your personal belogingings when you are out and about.

Millercare also stocks the Diamond Deluxe Rollator in blue and silver.


Height (cm): 80-95
Product Weight (Kg): 10
Length (cm): 65
Width (cm): 61
Weight Capacity (St.): 21
Seat: Yes

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