Blue Rollator Lightweight Aluminium

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Blue Rollator Lightweight Aluminium

Rollators provide added support for those with mobility trouble, allowing you to get around with greater ease. Our aluminium rollators combine functionality with light weight. With a product weight of just 7kg they are not only perfect for walking around the home; they are also very easy to transport wherever you wish to go. The rollator also has the ability to be easily packed and unpacked for precisely this purpose. This all ensures you are no longer limited by your mobility.

Millercare's collection of lightweight aluminium rollators do far more than just let you go anywhere you want though. They will also ensure you feel safe, supported and secure as you do. The rollators come with a durable grip in its handles and have a loop cable brake system for users with weak hands or arthritis, all of which prevent the likelihood of painful slips and falls.

Should you wish to stop and take a break, the lightweight aluminium rollator also comes with a comfortable seat. The seat is 36cm wide, 31cm deep and has the ability to withstand a weight of up to 21 stone. A bag is also included underneath the seat which is 38cm long and 22cm wide.

Full specifications:

Height (cm): 85-95
Product Weight (Kg): 7
Length (cm): 60
Width (cm): 65
Weight Capacity (St.): 21
Seat: Yes
Seat Height (cm): 56

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