Light Weight X-Fold Rollator Drive Medical

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Light Weight X-Fold Rollator Drive Medical 

Very few rollators are as light, compact and easy to transport as Drive Medical's X Fold Rollator. Weighing a mere 7.5kg and simple to fold with a two-step mechanism, this is a mobility assistance tool perfect for holidays, weekend breaks and days out. It even comes with a canvas bag where you can store your personal belogings if you go out.

Despite the light weight and how easy it is to compact, the X Fold rollator is nevertheless a top quality rollator. Produced by Drive Medical, one of most respected brands in the industry, it still manages to provide excellent support for people whose limited mobility makes it difficult to walk. The aluminium cross brace and frame makes it sturdy, the lockable front casters ensure it's safe on sloped ground, and the ergonomic loop brakes help to make sure you are always protected.


Height (cm): 81-94
Product Weight (Kg): 7.5
Width (cm): 64
Weight Capacity (St.): 21
Seat: Yes
Seat Height (cm): 46

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